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PC + Wireless XBox Controller

So – on a 9 hour outage call for work and in between having being completely hopeless about the issue ever being resolved and running around deciding whether or not to put my head through a wall I am browsing Reddit and look what I stumble across!

If you have an XBox 360 you must have some wireless controllers – and if you also happen to be a computer gamer you’ve probably had the same thought as me around wanting to play certain games with a controller on your computer, but not wanting to spend to $50 on a XBox PC controller. Well, problem solved. Watch the below video and check out how Windows 7/8 & a small and cheap device found on eBay or Amazon just solved your problem – and saved you some cash!


Pretty cool website that, via a series of simple instruction and clicks, gives the viewer a context of time – specifically today. See how insignificant ‘today’ can feel, while at the same time experiencing how significant ‘time’ is. It’s a fun and informative way to spend 5 minutes of your day if you get a chance to break away. Click below and enjoy.

[Here Is Today]

The Dark

Dark room, lit up only by the street light’s peering through the blinds.
A man, tired but not sleepy enough to give up on the day, laying on his bed.
Nothing to do, yet not willing to stop his mind from racing.
The only things accomplishing anything are the hands on the clock.
Why fall asleep? Only wake to another day of repetitive actions.
Work – never ending – task upon task await.
The dark keeps it away but eventually he succumbs.
Repetitiveness is the only way to survive.

Education With Open Access

So I recently stumbled upon a company/website called Coursera. The whole idea is to offer University courses to the masses and allow education to reach you even if you aren’t around the university itself. I am amazed by the concept. Of course you’re not going to get college credit for these classes but I do see a benefit. If you have been out of school for a while, why not take a shot at trying out an online class to see if its something that still interests you, or that you want to pursue? And if you just want to better yourself with some education in general – great – since its openly available just go sign up and enroll!

I personally just signed up for an Operations class. It goes with my current job but there are a plethora of classes available from simple things like cooking to theoretical math. Check it out!

PS. The course I signed up for is:



As mentioned, my excitement is on high whenever talking or thinking about the to-be home that’s currently being planned and worked on. But with that also comes a rather high level of stress and anxiety since everything is sequential, many things are yet to be complete, and of course every new bad thing noticed adds to that level. Exactly why I dont need DUMB issues that shouldn’t even exist.

Lets put things into perspective – I walked into buying a home I knew was a project and that had to be essentially torn apart before being put back together. Its nickname should be Humpty Dumpty – completely fine with that. What I am not fine with is kids from the neighborhood who apparently weren’t raised right or are just rebels with a side of idiot who decide windows are an awesome thing to throw rocks at.

More perspective – I don’t even really mind about the windows since I was going to replace them all anyways but throwing the rocks means 2 more important things. A. broken glass that can hurt me, or anyone working on the home, and b. of course these are kids that have aim similar to Michael Vick (burn) and hit the vinyl siding more times than glass so thus cause damage to something I’d rather not spend money to replace.

In the end – I’ll deal, but needed to vent today so why not do it here. My next steps in case anyone is wondering: a. talk to guy running my wiring about putting cameras around the house – always wanted a cool security system, b. call the cops for any tips/see if they can watch the area at all, and c. get a new canister of air for the paintball gun. 🙂

/rant – thanks for listening.

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