Building A Home

So, for those following, you may have heard that recently a house was purchased needed quite a bit of work done before I could consider calling it a home. That… and before the wonderful city of Stratford would approve it for anyone to live in. Nonetheless, I want to welcome you to the process, and allow you to follow along in what is sure to end up being a journey with a lot of expensive sofas or something at the end (by the hands of Cpigrun), but a journey nonetheless.

The demolition of everything left behind began today and will hopefully wrap up this week. It’s a crazy experience witnessing chunks of a home being ripped out and thrown into a dumpster taller than you are. Granted, I am not taller than most things, so nothing too crazy. Anyways I cannot wait for it to complete so we can begin to make design changes, and eventually start putting walls back up.

Here are some pictures of the before, and we’ll make sure to check in for the after in a couple days! Also, while looking, keep in mind I LOVE a good project.

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