Building A Home [3]

So whats more fun than building a home and having to wait countless days for things to be installed and/or completed? A lot of thing – a very large sum. And I would have rather been doing any of them. Nonetheless, it is what it is.

The HVAC guy started today. I like him so far. Good sense of humor and he’s related to and seemingly as responsible around time as my electrician. I like those combos because I can call one guy with an update/info and know both of them will get it and coordinate. We’re looking a 2-3 worth of work to get all the ducts in and as soon as I get the new vinyl & windows on the house he’ll bring in the actual furnace, etc.

Looks like plumbing got pushed back a week because one of the guys workers quit on him unexpectedly. Don’t know if that means he’s a bad guy, or to keep his costs down he works his guys cheap so they leave – obviously hoping for the later. Cheap labor is good labor when you’re the one paying.

Vinyl, Windows, & Roof
Looking at quotes for everything right now. Everyone wants to take everything as a large job but so far I only liked one guys prices – of course he informs me he isn’t insured during my general inquiry. Thats what I need – put all my money into a house so I can have this guy fall off a ladder and end up owning it all after a lawsuit – no thanks. 🙂

Looking to get in contact with my GC tomorrow around getting certain things wrapped up. The man has 1/2 the money and I haven’t seen him in several weeks. Patience is wearing thin, and the longer he’s away the more jobs he’s losing out on since I end up GC’ing them myself (HVAC, plumbing, vinyl only to name a few).

More to come people – but I figured after 90 days of nothing I could get away with 1 post without pictures. Thanks for the interest.

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