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Waking up I turn to myself unhappy. I’ve let my time fall into the hands of so many things – allowing more personal goals escape to achieve others. Looking back I understood the balance, but at the essence it was a gamble and I was betting on myself. Focusing then on what I wanted to accomplish and passing the rest onto the future me – today.

Attaining a certain level of ability in anything we do, or perform, is something to be proud of. Personally I have been on what seems to be a never ending road of ups and down when it comes to dedicating myself, and attaining certain levels, in my day-to-day health. That’s not to say that I haven’t met certain goals – but maintaining them and being happy with those results is the overall goal and that’s where I’m missing my mark.

Being a goal driven person I now challenge myself to focus more on the balance of me in everyday and bring the health goals up a notch.

Squat 255, Bench 130, Sitting Press 90, Power Cleans 115, Dead lift 250 – Weight 200

2012 Bests:
Squat 320, Bench 165, Sitting Press 100, Power Cleans 145, Dead lift 300 – Weight 190

I’ll check in.

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