Building A Home

So, for those following, you may have heard that recently a house was purchased needed quite a bit of work done before I could consider calling it a home. That… and before the wonderful city of Stratford would approve it for anyone to live in. Nonetheless, I want to welcome you to the process, and allow you to follow along in what is sure to end up being a journey with a lot of expensive sofas or something at the end (by the hands of Cpigrun), but a journey nonetheless.

The demolition of everything left behind began today and will hopefully wrap up this week. It’s a crazy experience witnessing chunks of a home being ripped out and thrown into a dumpster taller than you are. Granted, I am not taller than most things, so nothing too crazy. Anyways I cannot wait for it to complete so we can begin to make design changes, and eventually start putting walls back up.

Here are some pictures of the before, and we’ll make sure to check in for the after in a couple days! Also, while looking, keep in mind I LOVE a good project.

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Where were you when the attack hit today?

I was at home, working, while walking around for inspiration and ideas to focus on for upcoming meetings. Nothing crazy, it was just a normal day. I sit down and turn the television on for a moment – I am stressed out a bit and walking around isn’t helping. Time to take a break. There it is. At first only 6 people injured was being reported, and it was a slight relief but still it left me in a momentary transfixion. Not again…

The count has now reached into triple-digits, and even worse, a death-count also exists. Although low, you cannot use the word only around it. Every life matters, every moment we have is special because it’s ALL we have. It’s sickening to think that anyone holds the thought that taking a life is of benefit.

To not only focus on the negative, although it’s all that clouds the mind today I do want to give a thank you to all those who helped in the immediate aftermath of the incident – the heros, if you will. First responders of course deserve a great deal of gratitude for running head down into the event – but also a direct thanks goes to the surrounding citizens who didn’t run away, but instead stayed and helped. Some providing medical assistance, some directing traffic, but all united around the assistance of other PEOPLE. At the end of the day we’re all the same, and seeing the release of our everyday boundaries: religion, class, political stance at a moment when it was needed made me proud of us all as human beings.

It’s a dark day but we will come out of it into the Sun. I hope all a quick recovery to all injured today and my thoughts are with all affected, in any level, by the Boston Marathon explosions.



Waking up I turn to myself unhappy. I’ve let my time fall into the hands of so many things – allowing more personal goals escape to achieve others. Looking back I understood the balance, but at the essence it was a gamble and I was betting on myself. Focusing then on what I wanted to accomplish and passing the rest onto the future me – today.

Attaining a certain level of ability in anything we do, or perform, is something to be proud of. Personally I have been on what seems to be a never ending road of ups and down when it comes to dedicating myself, and attaining certain levels, in my day-to-day health. That’s not to say that I haven’t met certain goals – but maintaining them and being happy with those results is the overall goal and that’s where I’m missing my mark.

Being a goal driven person I now challenge myself to focus more on the balance of me in everyday and bring the health goals up a notch.

Squat 255, Bench 130, Sitting Press 90, Power Cleans 115, Dead lift 250 – Weight 200

2012 Bests:
Squat 320, Bench 165, Sitting Press 100, Power Cleans 145, Dead lift 300 – Weight 190

I’ll check in.

A New Home

It’s been a journey the last couple weeks; signing the dotted line, allowing the happiness to encompass my body, and allowing the prodigious sense of excitement to carry me for the rest of that day. That was easy. Thinking about the endless designs, pieces, and technology bits that I will have remains my solace. But, I know I have only taken the first step of said journey, and one does not simply walk into a completed home when buying a foreclosure. Instead it’s spending innumerable hours looking at documents, proposals, and references for every profession needed – in my case, all of them.

I played this gamble in 2010; buying my first house. It was hurt by the time that no one was able to call it home and fill it with all the warm atmospheres it deserved. But that the average person was able to fix the issues with time and some assistance. This time, however, with this new house, I see that it will not be as serene or rapid a job. Nevertheless, I do not worry as I know my dedication, and I know my goals. This will be my home.

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