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Building A Home [3]

So whats more fun than building a home and having to wait countless days for things to be installed and/or completed? A lot of thing – a very large sum. And I would have rather been doing any of them. Nonetheless, it is what it is.

The HVAC guy started today. I like him so far. Good sense of humor and he’s related to and seemingly as responsible around time as my electrician. I like those combos because I can call one guy with an update/info and know both of them will get it and coordinate. We’re looking a 2-3 worth of work to get all the ducts in and as soon as I get the new vinyl & windows on the house he’ll bring in the actual furnace, etc.

Looks like plumbing got pushed back a week because one of the guys workers quit on him unexpectedly. Don’t know if that means he’s a bad guy, or to keep his costs down he works his guys cheap so they leave – obviously hoping for the later. Cheap labor is good labor when you’re the one paying.

Vinyl, Windows, & Roof
Looking at quotes for everything right now. Everyone wants to take everything as a large job but so far I only liked one guys prices – of course he informs me he isn’t insured during my general inquiry. Thats what I need – put all my money into a house so I can have this guy fall off a ladder and end up owning it all after a lawsuit – no thanks. 🙂

Looking to get in contact with my GC tomorrow around getting certain things wrapped up. The man has 1/2 the money and I haven’t seen him in several weeks. Patience is wearing thin, and the longer he’s away the more jobs he’s losing out on since I end up GC’ing them myself (HVAC, plumbing, vinyl only to name a few).

More to come people – but I figured after 90 days of nothing I could get away with 1 post without pictures. Thanks for the interest.

Building A Home [2]

Walking into a house enthused, excited, and antsy to see what it CAN be. I look past the broken sheetrock crumbled to bits on the floor, the duct-work that’s been ripped out, but not taken since it only garners $0.04/lb at the scrapyard, and the stairs and would scare anyone due to the side-to-side wobble they produce when used. Instead I see beautiful wooden floors with an area rug where friends are standing and enjoying music while chit-chatting as Cpigrun cooks something in the kitchen to keep us all going on a nice night in the 2013 Fall/Winter. Focusing on my goals keeps me from being down, and more importantly keeps me sane.

So – it took several days, and 3 30-yard dumpsters, but the house has been gutted to studs. We are though complete with what I am referencing as Phase 2. Met 2 groups of diligent, and hard working demolition crews, and 1 ok-to-talk-to-but-not-so-hard-working carpenter who assisted in getting the house to this point and I absolutely appreciate their time and effort. Looking forward now to what next – talking with the General Contractor about design changes!

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Building A Home

So, for those following, you may have heard that recently a house was purchased needed quite a bit of work done before I could consider calling it a home. That… and before the wonderful city of Stratford would approve it for anyone to live in. Nonetheless, I want to welcome you to the process, and allow you to follow along in what is sure to end up being a journey with a lot of expensive sofas or something at the end (by the hands of Cpigrun), but a journey nonetheless.

The demolition of everything left behind began today and will hopefully wrap up this week. It’s a crazy experience witnessing chunks of a home being ripped out and thrown into a dumpster taller than you are. Granted, I am not taller than most things, so nothing too crazy. Anyways I cannot wait for it to complete so we can begin to make design changes, and eventually start putting walls back up.

Here are some pictures of the before, and we’ll make sure to check in for the after in a couple days! Also, while looking, keep in mind I LOVE a good project.

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